AVAIL Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer

It’s a fact: Up to 75-95% of the phosphorus fertilizer applied to your soil is unavailable to the roots of your crops. Instead, it locks up in the soil due to elements like calcium, iron, aluminum and magnesium.

Let’s face it, wasted fertilizer means wasted money.

AVAIL Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer is a unique formulation designed to minimize fixation and maximize your fertilizer investment.

It’s simple: More available phosphorus means better use of your fertilizer investment.

By shielding applied phosphorus from the elements that lock it in the soil, more of it is kept available to the growing plant. This added efficiency can lead to healthier plants, more flexibility in your application schedule and better overall value from your fertilizer investment.

AVAIL is available for both granular and liquid phosphorus, and leaves no environmental footprint. More than 36 million acres have already put it to work, and growers across the country trust AVAIL as the strongest phosphorus protection on the market.

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