More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager Now Available, Boosting Growers’ Manure Fertilizer

LEAWOOD, Kan. (Feb. 13, 2012) – SFP introduces More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager, referred to as MTM™, the first and only product to protect both phosphorus (P) from lock-up and nitrogen (N) from leaching, denitrification and volatilization in applied manure. MTM maximizes P and N in all manures and litters – both dry and liquid. Increasing availability of these valuable nutrients can lead to yield increases and better overall crop performance.

“Improving yield potential and grower return on investment is always our ultimate goal,” says Larry Sanders, Ph.D., SFP president and CEO. “MTM overcomes nutrient management challenges for growers using any manure as fertilizer – optimizing phosphorus and nitrogen use.”

Manure fertilizer inefficiencies.
Of the 15.8 million U.S. cropland acres fertilized with manure[1], varied percentage of N and P is lost during handling and storage as well as after application (see Chart 1), leaving both nutrients unavailable for crops.


Chart 1: Typical manure losses during handling and storage[2]





Manure System

—–Percent lost—–


Daily scrape and haul



Manure pack



Poultry, deep pit or litter



Solids on open lot

Scrape once/year



Daily scrape and haul



Separated solids, 90-day storage




Anaerobic pit



Above-ground storage



Manure basin or runoff pond, 120-180 days storage



Liquid – lagoon




The solution

MTM has proven to successfully increase P and N availability when added to confinement lagoons or pits, or in transportation and application equipment (liquid), or when sprayed over-the-top of dry-applied litter or manure. Additionally, when added to an in-ground lagoon or pit, MTM can reduce solids and ammonia levels in livestock-confinement operations (see Chart 2).

 Chart 2: Ammonia reduction test adding MTM to hog manure[3]


ABOVE: MTM applied to 250,000 gallon hog manure pit.

*Second reading; **agitation started prior to reading.

The proof

Independent, third-party research shows increased plant growth, root development and yield by adding MTM to manure fertilizer applications. Test plot results, including corn, forage and wheat, throughout the United States prove MTM benefits.

“As everybody knows the cost of liquid N seems to continue to increase, increase, increase,” says Jonathan McClain, a Mt. Airy, Ga. grower who’s adopted MTM on his farm, “but using MTM in conjunction with boiler house litter that we used we saw better results and darker foliage, and it was more equally dispersed.”

Click here for MTM research data results

“Each crop has unique nutrient needs,” says Sanders. “MTM ensures crops have access to the phosphorus and nitrogen they need to maximize growth potential.
Convenient application. Environmentally safe.

No special equipment is required to effectively apply MTM through 1) pivots, 2) application equipment for variable rate applications or 3) pretreatment in pits or lagoons, and the product offers crop-rotation flexibility (i.e. soybeans or other crops can be planted after MTM-treated manure application). Additionally, research is showing reduction in ammonia levels in barns with MTM pre-treated pits.

“MTM is biodegradable and leaves no environmental footprint or impact, and it is non-toxic to livestock and soil bacteria,” adds Sanders. “We are helping producers realize a stronger return on investment and reducing the potential environmental impact of manure application.”

Find out more on RFD-TV “Live”, February 13
MTM will be featured on RFD-TV “LIVE” at 7 p.m. (CT) on February 13. Viewers can tune-in to learn more about product benefits, research results and call-in to have questions answered on-air by the expert panel.

For more information on SFP or MTM, call (888) 446-GROW or visit Growers also can contact their local fertilizer distributor or dealer to learn more about MTM.


About SFP

Headquartered in Leawood, Kan., SFP is an innovative agricultural company that has developed a line of revolutionary products to improve fertilizer efficiency. The company’s product offerings, AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer, NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager and More Than Manure® Nutrient Manager, are formulated to be added to a farmer’s existing fertilizer to improve availability of the nutrients. The company operates management, research and manufacturing facilities in Kansas, Illinois and Ohio and has relationships with key distributors throughout the United States. In addition to domestic operations, SFP’s international distribution includes  Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Vietnam and Zambia. For more information on SFP and its products, visit


[1] Manure Use for Fertilizer and for Energy: Report to Congress (MacDonald, Ribaudo, Livingston, Beckman and Huang, 2009)

[2] Mid-Atlantic Nutrient Management Handbook (Mid-Atlantic Regional Water Program, 2/2006)

[3] Jackson Center, Ohio – Bambauer Fertilizer & Seed


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